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The Holocaust

The 27th January is Holocaust Memorial Day when people all over the world remember the millions of people killed under Nazi prosecution. The Holocaust threatened our lives as we know it today and often our world still seems very fragile and vulnerable. The UK is, sadly, full of...
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Smash the 11+ exam this year!

Worried about the 11 plus exam? No fear – read my top tips and you will sail through the exam. The 11 + exam is a test to get into a Grammar School. The topics you are tested on are Maths, English, Non Verbal Reasoning and Verbal Reasoning....
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Riverview Junior School Plastic Petition

During our time at Riverview Junior School, we have learnt a lot about how our planet is suffering due to the enormous plastic crisis; we (Khhushhali, Abigail, Isabelle and Danni) have thought about this problem long and hard and this our solution… Firstly, to start off this process,...
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