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Enter our 500 words competition and win a prize

Recently, we celebrated World Book Day in style here at Riverview Junior School; we were amazed at the amount of effort everyone went to and some of the costume ideas were simply fantastic.

During English week (as part of our World Book Day celebrations) every child was invited to write a 500 word long story. We were told that our stories would be entered into the national competition run by the BBC so everyone got writing the most creative stories in an attempt to win.

The 500 Words competition is a competition run by BBC 2 to find some of the best children story writers in the country. All of the children at Riverview Junior wrote a story for the competition but unfortunately, we couldn’t enter as the competition required too much personal information and the school did not know who they were sending it to. (GDPR rules!)

Therefore, we have decided to hold our own storytelling competition at school and there will be a prize (we don’t know what that will be yet) and there will also be a prize awarded to each year group. (more info to follow)

The stories we wrote for the 500 words competition will now be re-submitted to our own competition. Watch this space for further news!

To give you an idea of what to expect – here’s my story that will be submitted into the competition. I hope you enjoy it.

Kidopolis by Kieran

“Time to get into my balmy bed.” I told myself, as I jumped in, ready for whatever exhilarating journey I would be taken on throughout the night. I hoped it would be a good one. To my luck it was, and the day after. I would like to share it with you. Welcome to Kidopolis.

Here in Kidopolis there are no adults – only kids. However, unfortunately we are not great with global warming and we could do with some help – help from you! I will be your guide; your guide to becoming President Kid at Kidopolis and then help us to change our world.

First, you need to write a letter to a few kid MP’s here to convince them to convince them to join your party; which will be called Globetrotters. “Ok.” I replied, beginning to write my historic letter:

Dear MP’s,

I, Master Malloy, will be opening a new political party to stop global warming in Kidopolis. It will be called the Globetrotters and (like all political parties) are trying to get our founder and leader – me – to become President Kid so then we can think of laws and ways to stop global warming and save Kidopolis.

Many thanks,

Master Malloy

So, you have written your letter.

“Yes” I replied, wondering if I had to do something else.

Now you have completed that task and sent your letter off to the MP’s you will have to wait and see if you get some replies.

Dear Master Malloy,

I, Master Dean, and my representatives from my party are willing to join Globetrotters. Please let us know when and what we can do to help this party.

Kind regards,

Master Dean

From now on, these MP’s are going to help you be promoted to PK and help you to change the world.

12 months later, a vote was held in which Master. Malloy was promoted to PK. This is what he did afterwards.

Well done! You have achieved your first goal and now you must change our world for good.

“I think we should build a used plastic bottle wall to stop flooding and make a pollution charge for cars if they are not electric and are giving out dangerous fumes.” I replied, and somehow it happened.

Thank you for your help. Kidopolis is changed forever. Our streets are clean and dry. Our air is free from pollution, and most noticeable you have been an amazing PK who will go down in the history books as the best PK we have ever had. Thank you!

I woke up with a yawn the next morning. However, it was incredible what happened following it…


Blog Club is held on a Monday evening and is a group of about 20 pupils from Riverview Junior School who choose their own content and with the help of the teachers, create blog posts for you to read.

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