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Good to be Green System – updated!

Good to be Green

We have previously talked about the Good To Be Green system on our blog and Sukhpreet wants to update us with the exciting latest changes that have been introduced.

Good to be Green is an important part of our day at Riverview Junior School in order for good learning to take place. Since it has been introduced, behaviour has improved a lot but still the system can be improved and Mr Kendall has added a new points system to encourage and inspire everyone.

The reason of Good to Be Green is to recognise and reward good attitude and achievement towards learning. Mr Kendall noticed that some children were missing out on the Good To Be Green treat because of one incident that had occured and he realised that the system needed altering. This is what he came up with…

Good to be green

What’s the treat?

A Golden Ticket to the Easter school disco!

How does it work?

Every child will start each term with 20 points. At the beginning of a new term each child will be given another 20 points. After the six terms of the academic year, a child could have 120 points minimum.

Can I get more points?

You can earn 2 points by getting a core value wristband and you can earn 5 points by getting an attitude or achievement certificate.

Losing your points

Every child who gets a yellow or red card will lose 2 points.

Bullying of any kind, fighting, swearing, damage with intent and racism will NOT be tolerated and are immediate red cards and possibly exclusion.

I think this new system will decrease the amount of red cards given out in class and the Easter disco inspires people as they have something to work for. It also means we can be happy for our friends and it brings more of a team spirit to the school. I look forward to seeing as many people as possible at the Easter disco!


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