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How to make slime – an easy recipe that works!

how to make slime

Slime is one of the latest crazes that everyone wants to play with. The most popular slime is Fluffy Slime and that’s why I decided to make it and show you how to make it too. There are a few ingredients that you will need to use but most of them can be found indoors or easily at your local shops.

Slime is a great thing to play with when you are bored, I like to play with it when I’m stressed out as it is a great stress reliever!

Ingredients to make slime

Formil colour

Washing detergent like Formil colour
PVA glue
Shaving foam
You will need a bowl, a spoon and a paper towel in case it gets messy!
You will also need an airtight container to keep it in.

How to make slime

Pour the PVA glue into a bowl until you have the quantity you wish to make.

Add some shaving foam to the glue – the more you add, the fluffier your slime will be.

How to make slime

Now’s the moment to add the paint so your slime becomes the colour you wish.

how to make slime

If you like, now is the time to add glitter to the mixture.

how to make slime

Mix the ingredients very well until they are all thoroughly mixed.

Now for the important bit – it’s time to add the washing detergent but you must add it a little bit at a time, if you add too much, your slime will be over activated and too solid to play with.

how to make slime

Once you see the slime coming away from the sides of the bowl you can stop adding activator (washing detergent). Continue to knead the mixture with your hands as if you were making bread.

If you feel your slime is too sticky just add a little bit of activator at this point.

how to make slime

Make sure you keep it in an airtight container otherwise it will dry up and you won’t be able to play with it again.

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5 thoughts on “How to make slime – an easy recipe that works!

  1. Ethel Joseph says:

    Thanks for the help very easy and straight forward will definitely save for a rainy day

  2. Sarah 5P says:

    Thanks I’m going to try it

  3. Bessie 5P says:

    Before i didn’t know how to make slime, (any slime) and after reading this blogpost I realise how easy it actually is!

  4. Jake says:

    We are going to try this recipe for slime; we will let you know how we get on.

    Jake year 3

  5. kelly read says:

    This is fabuous – Maisy and Chloe will try this for sure!!

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