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Lucie Goose – a video of Mr Morrison reading the story

The book Lucie Goose was written by Danny Baker, not only is he a writer, he is also a DJ and he writes scripts for films. It is full of beautiful illustrations by Pippa Curnick and tells the story of a goose who has never met or spoken to anyone before so, when a wolf, a bear and a lion turn up on her doorstep, she should be frightened but she’s not…

Mr Morrison, one of our Year 5 teachers, has made a video of himself reading the story and showing the illustrations in the book for you. Here are a few questions I put to him ….

Why did you choose this book to read to us?

It’s my daughter’s favourite bedtime story and we both really enjoy the moment together.

Did you like school when you were a child?

I didn’t that’s why I decided to become a teacher; I wanted to make a difference and make learning more fun. However, I really liked PE, that was my favourite lesson.

Lucie Goose Danny Baker

Was there anything you weren’t good at, or wish you’d paid more attention to?

I really wish I’d read more as a child, when you open a book, it’s like stepping into a brand new world – if only I’d started earlier!

Serious question now – which football team do you support?

ARSENAL!!!! Just like Mr Kendall.

What kind of things are you going to be doing whilst we are all in isolation?

I love music so I’ll be listening to lots of my favourite artists. I also really like cooking so I shall be in the kitchen trying some new recipes and some of my old favourites. I am a huge sport fan and I like travelling so I might try to find some programmes to watch on TV to inspire me.

Mr Morrison has some questions for you – see how many you can answer

  • Where did Lucy live?
  • Who were the other characters?
  • What animal did Lucy describe as a big woolly sausage?
  • What 3 things was Lucy growing in her garden?
  • On which day of the week did the wolf come? 
  • What did Lucy compare the lion to?
  • Why did the wolf, lion and bear change their minds?
  • How would you feel if you were Lucy? Give reason
  • Can you explain why Lucy wasn’t scared?
  • How do you think the bear, lion and wolf felt when Lucy wasn’t scared?
  • Draw a timeline or story map of the story to show the order in which she met the other animals. 
  • What questions would you like to ask Lucy?
  • How else could the story have ended?
  • What lines have been repeated throughout the story?
  • What impact does this have on the reader?
  • Find an example of a simile and suggest a reason why the author chose to use this particular simile.
  • How would you describe Lucy’s personality? Give reasons
  • Why did the author use the word ‘stomp’ instead of walk?​

Have fun and let us know what you think of the story in the comments.


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2 thoughts on “Lucie Goose – a video of Mr Morrison reading the story

  1. henry says:

    I love this book and have gone on to buy it

  2. hery says:

    I love this book and have gone on to buy it

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