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SMSC – Social, Moral, Spiritual and Cultural Learning

Each class has a display board

The past two years have seen an increased level of focus on SMSC lessons across the school. Many may wonder what the lessons are about – the agenda we follow gives children the opportunity to answer the bigger questions in life, it allows them to experience awe and wonder; to understand their place in modern day society and their effect on that society.

It is the holistic development of positive contributors to society.

We have been very pleased to note the positive effects on the children, they are more open to having conversations about things they don’t understand. The children get on better amongst themselves compared to two years ago and they have a greater understanding that the individual child is part of a society that is much bigger than just themselves.

Each class has an SMSC book

SMSC is an ongoing programme with some exciting developments ahead, Riverview Junior has decided to focus on the identified two weaker areas – Spiritual and Cultural.

At Riverview Junior School we display the meaning of SMSC daily; the meaning is enhanced in our pupils through our scheduled sessions throughout the school. We have recently received a silver award for SMSC and would like to share with you our how we qualified.

SMSC learning

We shall be embarking on a Philosophy for Children approach which is very philosophical and aims for a higher level of thinking. It teaches a better understanding of the world we live in and enhances a positive mental health by encouraging children to getting used to being open and prepares them to challenge and to be challenged.


Next year we shall be looking into opportunities to introduce the children to our community. We want to invite members of the local community to come into the school and share with us what their cultures are about; why they wear certain clothes, what foods do they eat and find ways to gain a better understanding of our neighbours so we can be more accepting within the community.


At Riverview Junior school we believe that spiritual means developing beliefs and principles – it may or may not be `religious’. eg. Collective worship, asking big questions, sharing and responding to personal beliefs, linking with local community, celebration of different religious festivals. We frequently hold assemblies on key festivals for pupils to understand the ways of celebration in different religions. As well as these assemblies our pupils also participate in many religious events:

  • Year 3 participate in the Gravesham Festival of Light
  • Year 4 participate in the Gravesham St Georges Day parade
  • The whole school participates in the Chinese New Year parade in London.


At Riverview Junior school a clear moral code (as a basis of behaviour) is promoted consistently through all aspects of the school. We have incorporated a three-card behaviour policy called Good to be Green. We also have 2 weekly assemblies celebrating positive behaviour and achievements – a core value assembly and a celebration assembly. The awards received in this assembly are then carried forward in a points system to the house cup.


We teach the social part through two different aspects. Fostering a sense of community with common inclusive values – which ensures that everyone, irrespective of ethnic or origin, nationality, gender, ability and religion – can flourish. As well as identifying key values and principles on which the school community life is based upon.


Through cultural SMSC sessions we provide opportunities for pupils to explore their own cultural assumption and values. We extend pupils’ knowledge and use of cultural imagery and language. We explore cultural elements through the topics studied: South America/ Greece/ Egypt. We also share stories from other cultures and countries in assemblies.

Meeting the SMSC inspector and presenting what we do was such a great experience, we hope to achieve the gold award next year.

Written by Khhushhali and Mrs Raina


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