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Top 3 Easter activities to do over the holidays

Easter bunny hairstyle

Some of the Year 6 members of Blog Club got together to come up with top 3 Easter activities to use over the holidays. Try out their cute Easter Bunny bun for a special occasion or even for just around the house. Have a go at making a colourful Easter wool egg and hang it in your bedroom and make the most of the school break by painting your nails in the latest pastel polka dot trend.

Hairstyles- Easter Bunny Bun

Difficulty: easy

Things you need :

hair tie or elastic
Hair bun
Pom pom
6 strips of white card
Googly eyes
Pink card
White card

How to make the Easter Bunny Bun

Put your hair in a mid ponytail.

Easter bunny hairstyle

then put your hair in a bun (using a bun sponge from your local drugstore)

Easter bunny hairstyle

after that, use one pom pom and put it in the centre of the bun

Easter bunny hairstyle

Then use 2 googly eyes from the packet and stick them either side of the bun – or draw them like we did 😉

For the ears of the bunny, draw two bunny ears on the white piece of card. Then colour in pink the central part of the ear.

You could use 6 strips of white card and put 3 either side to create the whiskers.

Easter bunny hairstyle

Crafts- Easter Wool Egg

Difficulty: medium

Easter wool balloon

Things you need:

Easter wool balloon

PVA glue
Paint brush
Different coloured knitting wool

How to make an Easter Wool Egg

Blow up your balloon. Pour some PVA glue into a plastic cup and pop an arm’s length of wool in the glue.

Easter wool balloon

Once you’ve done that, use the different coloured wool and wrap it around the balloon while the glue is still wet.

Easter Wool Balloon

Wait for it to dry, then pop the balloon with pen and you will be left with an egg shape.

Easter wool balloon

You could make lots of different coloured balloons and use them like bunting in your bedroom!

Easter wool balloon

Nails – Pastel polka dot

Difficulty: easy

Things you need:

Pastel nail polish
White nail polish
Clear top coat nail polish
A steady hand

How to make pastel polka dot nails

Start off with your pastel nail polish (the colour I used is lilac).

Do a couple of coats on one nail and then let it dry.

Then get your white nail polish and add tiny polka dots to each nail, then let it dry.

After that, get your top coat nail polish and apply to each nail, then let it dry.

I hope you’ve found our top 3 Easter Favourites useful.

See you next time for another blog ; )


Blog Club is held on a Monday evening and is a group of about 20 pupils from Riverview Junior School who choose their own content and with the help of the teachers, create blog posts for you to read.

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