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Amazing DT day!

On Friday it was DT day and the whole school was buzzing with excitement and determination. This year for DT day we built shadufs. This linked back to our topic last term, the Ancient Egyptians. They used shadufs to bring water from the River Nile to the crops, because if they didn’t they wouldn’t have been able to grow much at all. We showed loads of core values such as resilience and teamwork when investigating and building them. We also spoke a lot about the skills DT gives us, and we were all really inspired when we watched a video about engineers. We liked that engineers showed our core values and created things which made the world better. For our article today we are going to tell you about some designs we came up with which would make the world a better place!

My miraculous, exceptional, new invention will change your life! It is a flying car which can go as fast or slow as you want! It is super safe and won’t never ever crash!

My milkshake machine can make rainbow milkshakes and will always make you happy because it tastes so delicious.

Have you ever wanted to understand animals but you can’t? Come and buy the animal airpods because then you can understand any animal you want. That’s not all, you can speak to them too!  

My super, exceptional invention is called the flying car, but this is no ordinary car. If you go really fast you can go to the future and if you go slowly you can go to the past.

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