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Self care tips!

With the clocks moving backwards and the evenings being darker, we have come up with some amazing self-care tips you can do to feel better if you’re feeling down!

We know that when it is darker we might feel sad, or sleepy more. We thought about different ways we can feel better. We can listen to our favourite music and have a dance. You can play some video games to relax (but remember you need to take breaks)! We also think that self-care can be having a really relaxing bath or shower and getting into super fluffy pyjamas. If you still don’t feel better you can have a tasty hot chocolate! Some of us like having a nap on chilly days when we are sad. We also know that a big one for self-care can be to go on a walk, getting out of the house and maybe talking with friends or adults can make us feel loads better, sometimes we just need to talk with someone we can trust!

We know self-care is important because everyone feels down sometimes, or worried. The best thing to do when we feel like that is to take time for ourselves to be

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