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Our Amazing Geography Day!

In our first term we have done many amazing things at Riverview Junior School! We have completed our inter-house competition (PE this term!). We have had many different people come in and talk to us and we have had our first enrichment day, geography day!

We really enjoyed geography day. We started by learning a little about the world cup and where it is being held this year. It is being held in Qatar and they have build an amazing eight stadiums! We were given a challenge to locate all 32 countries on a map, it was a really exciting race. We also showed our core value teamwork here.

Next each class was given two countries. We were split down the middle and had to show teamwork (again) to gather all the information we could about the country we were given and create an amazing display of everything that we had learned.

As reporters we went around in the afternoon and interviewed some different classes. One class in year 5 was learning about Portugal and really enjoyed learning about the different food. In year 6 they were learning about Japan and found the outfits really interesting. Year 3 couldn’t believe all the different animals that lived in Costa Rica! In our class we were learning about Croatia and South Korea. We liked learning about the different human and physical features – especially all the different islands in Croatia – there are over 1000!

We had a really amazing day and are looking forward to seeing how the countries we were given do in the world cup!

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