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Ninja Maths – Top Tips from the Ninja Masters

Ninja Maths

Riverview Junior School has completed its first year of Ninja Maths. The entire school took part in a mathematical race to become a Master Ninja. The challenge is set out on two pages, on one side number bonds and on the other one of the times tables. You have two minutes to complete the 56 number bond questions and another two minutes to complete the page of times tables.

At most, you are allowed two mistakes. If you pass you are rewarded with a colour wristband, if you didn’t quite make it, then you must repeat the same challenge the following week until you do. Hannah is a Master and will be going along on the Ninja Maths trip later this term with all the other masters. As you can imagine everyone is incredibly excited.

Read on to find out Hannah’s top tips.

What is Ninja Maths?

Ninja Maths is a series of brain twirling maths problems that you have to complete in a short time of two minutes. There are numerous levels to complete. It makes you think really hard but this makes you quicker when doing maths in class.

The Ninja Maths levels

Altogether there are a total of 20 levels to complete. Here are the levels: White, Yellow, Orange, Green, Purple, Blue, Red, Brown and Black. For the first round, the number bonds are addition and the second test is on multiplication. Once completed, you then have to complete all of the bands again but in subtraction and division.

Once you have completed black subtraction and division, you go on to master addition and subtraction.

When do they hand the Ninja wristbands out?

ninja wristbands

Every Monday and Friday in assembly Mr Kendal hands out the Ninja bands with the help of the Golden Ties. It normally lasts for 5-10 minutes. In that time they try to hand all the bands in the short time they are given. There are just too many bands to hand out, lots of students accomplish their goal of Ninja Maths each week they try.

Top tips!!!!!!

The best top tip anyone can possibly give is to practice, practise, practise! Learn your tables off by heart. Make sure you are confident with your ninja level. If you don’t quite get it when you practice, just push a little harder to complete.


That is the link so that you can print the Ninja Maths for your child/children to practice and learn. This will hopefully boost your child’s confidence for Ninja Maths. If your child is worrying this tip will definitely help them. (Students – don’t spend your time playing online games eg. Fortnite, Roblox. Instead, practice as much as you can).

Advice from students

Hannah 5P– All you can do is do your best, put lots of effort and time in.
Bessie 5P – Never give up and never think about the time.
Alice 5P– If you are really trying with ninja maths you should ask teacher if you can have a sheet to practice.
Isabelle 5C– Concentration is key!
Kieran 5W – Don’t worry if you don’t pass there is always room for improvement.
Tia 5P– If you don’t get it the first time try, try again.
Diona 5W – Never stop practicing and try, try again.

Hopefully, all this advice from other students will help your child accomplish Ninja Maths. Or if not find a way for them to get over their fear of Ninja Maths. Like me, I have used these top tips to help me finish my battle with Ninja Maths. So now I soon will be going to the reward, with some of my friends.

The Ninja Maths reward!

So this paragraph is leading up to the big moment (where the reward is). It is amazing, out-of-this-world!

It is where your kids can get used to working at a job and with money. This year it is KIDZANIA! It lets kids have fun but also learn at the same time. This reward will be taking place in school time. However, Mr Kendall is fine with that. He is very impressed with the number of people that have achieved the goal of finishing Ninja Maths. He was only planning to take one coach but he will take as many as he needs. So that every child will get a chance to go and have fun at Kidzania. Even though it was a rough journey, you will have a blast! (Anyway, that’s what Mr Kendall intends for the children to do)

The next goal for the children who are Masters will be moving onto the next challenge! We predict that it will be word problems in a longer period of time.
That is really all the information for Ninja Maths. We will update the post if needed when we get more information.

By Hannah 5P


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