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RJS Blog Squad Takes Over The WHOLE Blog

We are a group of marvelous, magical, magnificent year 4s. We will write posts that will intrigue you and blow your mind. You will get brilliant posts every single week, such as advice, parts of school life, tutorials, information AND interviews – we have it all! We will...
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Wellbeing chart by ELSA Support

Elsa support for wellbeing
Being stuck at home might seem a great idea to begin with but as time marches on, we’re convinced that some people might be affected and start feeling unhappy about the situation. It is normal to feel overwhelmed, anxious and even fearful of the future at a time...
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Coronavirus crazy days

Well here we are, our final day at school and everyone is feeling really out of sorts, the children, the teachers, the support staff and even Mr Kendall. We couldn’t have foreseen this when we all came back after the summer break in September and yet, here we...
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Palm Oil – why should we stop using it?

palm oil
Palm oil is an edible vegetable oil, that comes from palm trees which are native to West Africa. It is the world’s most used vegetable oil (66 million tons are produced every year) and has been used for centuries in food, medicine and manufacturing. According to the WWF...
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Ariana Grande – a great inspiration to many

ariana grande
Ariana Grande is my favourite artist, I love her music, her style and her acting too. She has been on the stage for the past 13 years and her popularity goes from strength to strength. Let’s take a look at her achievements in more detail. Ariana Grande Butera...
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Things to do in summer!

toys on beach
Everyone can’t wait until the summer holidays; school is over for 5 weeks and you can do exactly what you want. The first few weeks are fun and you know how to keep yourself busy but after a while you could find yourself twiddling your thumbs. Don’t worry...
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Breakfast Club at Riverview Junior School

breakfast club
Riverview Junior school has many clubs. We have lunchtime clubs, after school clubs (like blogging club) and we have a club that starts in the morning, namely Breakfast Club. Breakfast club starts at 7.30 am and children go to the playground to meet their friends at 8.30 am....
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