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The Animal Communicator – a short story

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Alexandra Rose

One cold winter’s afternoon, a beautiful woman was sitting on the deck of a ship with her team. They were heading to the Antarctic, the South Pole as some called it. She was on her last day of travelling when the captain barked, “We’re here! Get off your lousy butts and get exploring!”

The captain was not normally so bad tempered, so they scurried off. They started looking at the landscape, then something caught the woman’s eye; she looked at it intently while another member of the crew said,“What is it Luna?”

The woman was called Luna and the crew member, Jack. Luna did not answer she just nestled down into the snow. The crew including the captain copied. This had been their drill for a threatening creature. They all stared at Luna then, she stood up and ran towards the creature. They saw it was a baby polar bear stuck. Luna started scooping up the ice hoping to set it free when a polar bear lumbered towards her and they all noticed the look of anger that said, “If you don’t move, I’ll eat you for tea!” but Luna just kept on digging regardless of what was happening. The bear blocked their sight and they all waited for the sickening crunch that was to arrive shortly to their ears, but none came…

They were all confused as to what was going on as this had never happened before. So, they tried to scoot over to the over side to see what was happening but she was not there. They ran back to the ship and sped off screaming ludicrously and she was forgotten, abandoned as if she had been cast out!

Luna opened her eyes slowly. Her sight was blurred but when it came back to her she saw a polar bear staring straight back at her. She started to try to scramble up the ice but it was too slippery. Luna saw that the bear wasn’t pouncing it was just looking at her. “Hello?” she said and as shocking as finding your chair not beneath you, it responded.

“Hello,” it started to back away but stopped. “My name is Eirlys and I am a girl like you.”
“Wait a moment you’re talking to me!?”
”Yes, nobody else is in the room except my son and daughter and they are asleep, so yes I am talking to you.” Eirlys was speaking in a calm voice but Luna knew she was quivering inside for the fear of her young.
”So, I am talking to a polar bear?”
“Yes, yes you are Luna”
“How do you know my name?” Luna started shaking this just kept getting weirder and weirder.
“You talk in your sleep dear”
“Oh” that would explain it. She was getting very confused, so she just stayed silent. Then Eirlys grumbled something like, ”Get onto my back.”
“Just get onto my back.” she said more hastily this time. So Luna obeyed and Eirlys woke her children and set off into the snow.

polar bear Unsplash

Eva Blue

Luna watched all the snow slowly melt and realised how much she wanted to return home but she still stayed very silent. Then, when it seemed that they were in the middle of nowhere, she heard a roar of laughter coming deep from within a cave. When she got used to the light she saw a group of polar bears, they stared at her and then she realised how soft Eirlys was. How she did not want to move but Eirlys gently shoved her onto a rock.
“She is not the one!” a voice boomed “And neither is she as kind looking as the legends say.”
“She is the one!“ squeaked the baby polar bears.
“Silence Jabari and Jane! “Eirlys whispered, “Not all people have to look like the legend. You’re supposed to be strong but you are no better than the rest of us!” Eirlys retorted. The polar bears backed away expecting blood to be shed but the polar bear said,
“Fine, we shall keep her for now but when the next one comes they will have to compete.”
“Fine “and with that they parted.

Luna wanted to ask questions about what happened when she saw somebody next to a rock shivering. She told Eirlys to stop and with a hop and a step she was off her back. She went closer to look it was… JACK!
“What are you doing here? “She asked.
“What are you doing here? We thought you had been slurped up like a noodle by the bear.”
“What are you talking about?”
“The bear’s name is Eirlys!”
“Why don’t you get on my back?” asked Eirlys politely “And I’ll take you back to my cave.”
“Wait a moment did that bear just ask me to get on it’s back? Oh sorry, I mean Eirlys!”
“Oh my, you two will have to compete, to leader’s rock! “And they set off to leader’s rock.

The two little polar bears taught them fighting techniques but Jack wasn’t listening, he had seen a ship and he was much more interested in it. Then they arrived, Jack was looking in his back pack and pulled out a lighter and some wood and now he had the wood alight. A fire was roaring and cackling like a lion and a witch. The polar bears reeled back in terror, they were not used to fire and did not like it very much. Jack ran and Luna said goodbye to her friends and left with him. They boarded the rescue ship and Luna fell asleep.

Luna awoke with a gasp and realized she was in her room and thought maybe I’ll go outside and have a break. She saw a fluffy dog and asked to pet it she said, “Hello boy!”

“Hello.” The dog returned. A grin appeared upon Luna’s lips.

By Sameko Scott 6P


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