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The Highland Games

flag of scotland

The Highland Games are a set of events played mainly in Scotland. Every year some schools from the Gravesham area make their own twist on these games and all compete to win a massive trophy. Luckily, this year I was able to take part and go to these games in September! It was so much fun as we has 12 schools of 6 pupils compete and we had a team made up of myself, Rebecca 6W, Gurkharan 6C, Tyler 6N, Kenzie 6P and Khhushhali 6N.

The Events

There were 8 events at the games:
• The Highland Steps
• Throwing for Height
• Throwing for Length
• The Welly Boot Toss (a parent favorite)
• The Atlas Throw
• Kilt Run
• The Tug of War
• Tossing the Caber

These events were so much fun to take part in and we did well in all of them. We came joint 6th and Copperfield School came 1st.

Amazingly, we managed to pull it back and come 1st in the Tug of War tournament. Mr. Kendall told the school in assembly and everyone was so amazed. It was so funny seeing all their faces light up in shock and happiness!

The Highland Steps

The Highland Steps were a sequence and remembrance event where you had a quick jump grid split into 4 parts. The number 1 was in the bottom right corner, number 2 in top left, number 3 in top right and 4 in bottom left so you had to jump to each number in sequence. Kenzie was good at this one as she probably had the longest legs out of us all!

Throwing for Height

This was an event that you had to throw a weighted handbag over a bar as far as you could. We all can admit that we were not the best at this on our first few tries but got progressively better as we went on. It just shows that resilience pays off!

Throwing for Length

This was near enough the same concept as throwing for height but instead you were facing the way you were throwing and did not have a bar in your way. Tyler and Gurkharan were good at this because they were probably the strongest pupils there.

The Welly Boot Toss

This was fun! We all had to throw a welly boot as far as we could. This is the same as the last event but it was with a welly and not a weighted handbag. I found a strategy to help with throwing it, this was to roll the top of the boot and then throw it so you got more grip and could throw it further. We were all good and had so much fun in this event!

The Atlas Throw

In this event you had to throw a giant football (known as the atlas) as far as you could doing a chest throw and it not bouncing or rolling off or on anything. Every one again did well in this event as we did in the other few events.

The Kilt Run

This event was a relay event. You had to run between two cones about 20 m away from each other 3 times and once everyone had done this – that was your team time. This was a team effort and a great example of teamwork.

The Tug of War

We did tremendously well in this event. As I said earlier, we won the competition for this event and also showed another bunch of teamwork!

Tossing the Caber

Unfortunately, this event was just for fun. In my opinion Tyler and myself did the best in this event and we all had so much fun doing a traditional Scottish event.

Who I need to give thanks to

These people need a big thank you from me and the school for making this event happen and helping us participate!
• Miss Palmer
• Mrs Kumar
• Mrs Ward
• Mrs Carlo


by Kieran Gent


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  1. Lynne Howe says:

    Sounds really good fun. Well done to the whole team, you done really well but most importantly you enjoyed yourselves.
    A brilliant report Kieran, well written.

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