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Coronavirus crazy days

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Well here we are, our final day at school and everyone is feeling really out of sorts, the children, the teachers, the support staff and even Mr Kendall. We couldn’t have foreseen this when we all came back after the summer break in September and yet, here we are. Every school in Britain will be closing their doors come 3.30pm this afternoon.

Of course, our school will be staying open to help the key workers of our society by taking care of their children while they do the tough job of looking after the poorly.

What an abrupt and unexpected end to our school term? Many of our children are confused and upset about this so, we thought it might be a good idea to revive the blog and stay in touch.

Having spoken to the Riverview Junior School staff, everyone is on board. We shall be publishing, stories read by video link – so children can see their teachers. We shall have posts on gardening so you can all get outdoors and enjoy the fresh air. There’ll be PE from Miss Palmer, Spanish from Mrs Mustafa and plenty more to keep you occupied over the coming isolation period.

There are plenty of websites to use whilst we are all at home as mentioned in our letter but as a quick reminder, please find the list below.

We look forward to you and your children interacting with our posts and keeping the Riverview Junior School spirit alive.

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Home schooling links

TTRockstars. Perfect for learning the times tables off by heart (The school post code is DA12 4SD)

Numbots: follow this link in a browser and enter Riverview Junior School, Gravesend followed by your child’s username and password (which are the same as for TTRockstars).

Sumdog follow this link. You will be able to sign in as a parent and access a variety of free games – or upgrade to a subscription should you wish to do so.

Pobble 365 Here you will find a selection of images, each with suggested ideas for vocabulary and discussion work, along with possible story starters.

Twinkl are offering a variety of free resources for parents, covering a wide range of subjects.

As you will no doubt be aware, much of our Maths curriculum is based around the White Rose units. This website allows access to some free resources such as ‘Problems of the Day’ and ‘Barvember’.

Minimaths Here you can find Maths activities tailored to each year group.

Nessy (online platform for phonics and reading/spelling support) – Children with Nessy log ins can continue to access the site at home. If your child does not have Nessy access, but you would like a free trial you can sign up at: https://www.nessy.com/free-trial/signup

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Literacy Shed Here you will find a wide variety of visual stimuli from animated shorts to interesting images, along with suggested ideas to extend learning.

Manga High Access to these maths resources is currently free of charge.

The Reading Realm This website uses short stories as a stimulus for learning.

The Maths Shed Here you can sign up to access free resources to support Maths learning.

Other websites that offer games and timed quizzes, based on times tables, but that do not require any login details include:



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Check The following websites provide some simple opportunities for children to stay active

The Body Coach 5 minute workout

The Body Coach 8 minute workout

Yoga for kids

Squish the Fish | A Cosmic Kids Yoga Adventure!

10 yoga poses for kids | Cosmic Kids Yoga Compilation

We look forward to being in contact with you over the next few weeks and don’t hesitate to leave a comment and let us know you are there.


Blog Club is held on a Monday evening and is a group of about 20 pupils from Riverview Junior School who choose their own content and with the help of the teachers, create blog posts for you to read.

6 thoughts on “Coronavirus crazy days

  1. Caiden says:

    Miss Weekes I’ve left my overlay at school and my mum picks up lunch from the office so can you please take it to the office 🙂
    Hello again
    Really bored at home

  2. Caiden Shaw says:

    Yes just bought a new book which is a whole new world but what if Aladdin never found the lamp

    Everyone is keeping in touch on the WhatsApp group we have created
    Hope your enjoying things too

    Tell mrs E I said helo

    1. I will tell Mrs E you said hello (she will be so happy) and I LOVE that book you’ve chosen. It’s a really good one – enjoy it!
      If you like, at the end of the book, you could write a review for the school blog – I’ll help you if you need, show you how to write a review?
      It was very strange in school today without you all – the classroom was tidy, there was no noise and hardly any messing around!
      Say hi to everyone from Mrs E and I on the WhatsApp group, we miss you all and we hope everyone is ok – and reading their books 🙂

  3. Caiden says:

    Hello Mrs Weekes It’s me Caiden 🙂

    1. Hi Caiden, Thanks for commenting, I hope you are enjoying home schooling. Watch out for more videos. Mrs W

      1. Caiden says:

        I’ve left my overlay at school tho

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