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Discover Biodiversity in our free session at Forest School – everyone’s invited!

Forest School Riverview Junior

If there’s one topic we love to talk about it’s our Forest School run by Lynn Lewis. Since she started the area has really come alive with all sorts of garden treasures which the children absolutely adore getting up close with. But Lynn keeps coming up with great ideas and her most recent turned out to be the most amazing yet…

She heard about a Local School Nature Grant that was being awarded by the People’s Postcode Lottery and so she applied for it and was successful.

Forest School

It means our pupils will benefit from new waterproofs and wellies (from Muddypuddles) – something they will get a lot of use out of (especially in autumn and winter) and the most recent torrential rains we have been having.

They will also receive a Get Growing Kit from Garden Organic which Forest School or Lynn’s highly successful Gardening Club will get a lot of fun using.

But that’s not all, in addition Learning through Landscapes are running a very interesting session where they will be able to learn about Biodiveristy and how to support a variety of wildlife.

All parents and children are invited to attend and make the most of this unique opportunity on Thursday 20th June at 3.30. Please make your way to reception where you will be collected and accompanied to the grass area by Forest School. Everyone is welcome, the more the merrier and we assure a fun and entertaining session where you’ll learn lots about nature and wildlife.

Riverview Junior Forest School

The project is run by Learning through Landscapes and funded by Postcode Local Trust, which receives funding from players of People’s Postcode Lottery .


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