School trip to Kidzania for Ninja Maths Masters

Last week saw the Riverview Junior School first ever visit to Kidzania for those children who have successfully become Ninja Maths masters. Children in all 4 year groups have been trying their hardest to pass the complete Ninja Maths levels over the academic year and anyone who passed...
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Year 5 trip to the Gurdwara in Gravesend

gurdwara gravesend
Year 5 have been studying Sikhism in RE this year, what better way to get to understand a religion than visiting their sacred temple? Before entering the temple everyone in the group covered their head with a scarf. We were led to a large room off the entrance...
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Top tips for Year 3 students

Riverview Junior School playground
  Mrs Dusanjh joined Riverview Junior School at the beginning of 2018 so Blog Club went along to find out what she thinks of our school and how she’s getting along. We also thought it would be the perfect opportunity to ask a few of her top tips...
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Ninja Maths – Top Tips from the Ninja Masters

ninja wristbands
Riverview Junior School has completed its first year of Ninja Maths. The entire school took part in a mathematical race to become a Master Ninja. The challenge is set out on two pages, on one side number bonds and on the other one of the times tables. You...
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Fun theme parks to visit in the UK!

Wicker Man
Theme parks are a thrilling way to have fun. They can be fun but sometimes a little scary! There are many theme parks across the world and also many YouTube channels about this topic such as – Theme Park Worldwide and Coaster Crazy amongst many more. Once you...
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Why you must absolutely read the Harry Potter books!

Harry Potter books
This is a legendary set suggested for children around the age 7+. The set contains a bit of violence but overall is a daring adventure for all the bookworms out there. They’re about the adventures of three students who attend a school that teaches witchcraft and wizardry. Harry...
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How to be a Golden Tie

Mr James Kendall
One of the most revered positions in the school is that of the Golden Ties, pupils who have proven themselves to be the perfect role models for our school. Towards the end of Term 6, a boy and a girl will be chosen from each Year 5 class...
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Riverview Junior School Core Values

Core Values Superhero minds
Riverview Junior School has five core values that every child aims to get. We have an assembly that takes place on a Monday afternoon and wristbands are given out to the children who have been nominated by their teachers. The core values are Resilience, Excellence, Respect, Teamwork and...
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An interview with Mrs Wilmshurst the school cook

Mrs Wilmhurst school cook
Mrs Wilmshurst, the Riverview Junior School cook, could be considered one of the most important members of staff, after all, she feeds us every day and makes sure our school dinners are nutritious and tasty. Food is a very important part of our day and Mrs Wilmshurst does everything...
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