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Riverview ROCKS! (maybe) – a short story by Bessie 5P

Riverview Junior School playground

One bright, sunny morning at Riverview Junior School, a treacherous day was approaching quickly. In the morning, when everyone was waiting in the joyful, happy sun Luke Davidson from 5p (the role model that all of the younger kids looked up to, definitely a future golden tie) was playing in this sweltering weather when a girl fell and knocked her knee rock hard on the concrete border of the grass. She howled in pain and almost immediately Luke and his B.F.F Charlie ran over for a closer inspection of the wound. Blood poured out and Luke knew it was either broken or fractured.

“Charlie, quickly get an adult. She will need a doctor.” He ordered kindly.

Charlie had short blonde hair and brown eyes. He was, of course, wearing the Riverview Junior School uniform for boys. (Also, R.J.S.U.F.B for short.)

Charlie ran to the nearest adult in sight and explained what had happened. Luke looked around and saw 3 boys way older than Luke. ‘Bullies’ He thought. The 3 boys strided over to Luke and the girl.

“She deserved it so bad…” said a boy with brown hair and blue eyes.

‘A rich and spoilt brat. Definitely.’ Luke thought.

“Aww… Is little Tracey on the floor? Right where you belong. Down with the dirt. Ha ha ha!!”

Tracey was fighting back great tears. By this time an adult, a beautiful and attractive young lady, had came over to calm her down. In addition, she had called an ambulance.

Luke stood up. He was raging. He was frustrated. He was angry,

“WHY DID YOU DO THAT? POOR TRACEY. SHE NEEDS TO GO TO HOSPITAL NOW!!”He shouted through gritted teeth. He gave them all a nasty look. “All 3 of you are &$!#%”

Just then the ambulance came and whisked Tracey away to hospital. Then Mr Kendall came. So many people were there to see it yet all of them kept quiet for the rest of the day. At that moment, when no-one said hello or good morning he knew something was wrong.

He stopped everyone at lunch.

“Show me 5.” Mr Kendall announced. “This morning I noticed a big change. None of you said hello. None of you seemed to talk. You’ve all been very quiet. Is anything wrong?”

No-one dared to talk. Everyone looked up to Luke as a role model. Silence. Just silence. Luke and Charlie could barely breathe.

“Miss Towell will have a word with all of you after lunch.”

Luke got some nasty looks after. Quiet murmurs and he could feel hundreds of eyes digging into his back. Luke thought: everyone must think it was me who pushed Tracey over! I would never do such a thing!!

Luke wouldn’t dare to push someone over, that was why no-one would split on him! Luke, Charlie and Tracey were the only ones who knew the proper culprits.

The bullies.

Riverview Junior School playground

Once lunch had finished, Miss Towell completed the register and started taking notes in her class.

“Mr Kendall told me something was wrong with you all this morning.” No-one said a word.

“Luke, do you know anything?” Miss Towell asked.

Luke felt panic sweep across his face. “ I think I heard someone swear.” Luke blurted out.

He had not meant to say that! Luke looked over at Charlie. He looked ashamed. Charlie’s big eyes were screaming out at him. ‘Why did you say that? Miss Towell now has a better chance of finding out your crime!’

If no-one else speaks then you all get your card turned to red. Any of you could have sworn so all of you get the blame.” Miss Towell waited. Not even a breath could be heard.

“Red cards for all then. I am devastated to be having to do this.” She turned around and put all the cards on red. 30 children. A lunch detention. It was all so dramatic. Luke knew he would have to own up. Mean stares pointed at him. False rumours travelling around, all about him. He felt like a bully. He had to act soon…

Good to be green

Miss Towell glided through each class with a trusty notebook with only what Luke said in it. Class after class with no answer. Red card after red card with cries of frustration and shock. Miss Towell was always a lovely teacher, however, when it came to problems like this, nothing would stop her to find the culprit.

Soon after a school announcement was made that every student had to be in the hall for an assembly. People groaned and moaned as they sat down, heads in their hands. Mr Kendall told everyone they wouldn’t go home until someone owned up. They sat in the hall for what seemed like hours but was just minutes. Parents stood in the cold, worried sick about their child. Outside both gates whispers turned into normal voices, normal voice turned into shouts and shouts turned into screams for their children. Never in RJS history had this happened! The kids sat in there bored, when Luke stood up.

“It was me. I swore. Tracey broke her leg because of bullies way older than me and Tracey. I would never push someone over though.” Luke admitted.

Charlie stood up. ”It wasn’t me who swore but Luke did it out of anger. Tracey has broken her leg now.” Mr Kendall stood there, shocked.

“Luke… Why? You’ve always been a -”

“He still is.” Someone said. It was Tracey! She was alright but on crutches. She looked unsteady but she didn’t fall.

“I’m ever so sorry, sir. But Luke has always been a role model and will always be one.”

All the teachers and T.As gasped in shock at this young woman’s bravery. Mr Kendall gave Tracey an ear-piercing stare.

Riverview junior School

“Alright, Tracey that’s detention for the rest of the week!” Shouted Mr Kendall in Tracey’s little face.

“I DON’T CARE!” cried Tracey, “because Luke is my friend and will always be!”

Some of the teachers around the room awed at Tracey’s touching words. They all thought about Tracey’s acts of kindness, even Miss Towell and Mr Kendall thought, and finally, Mr Kendall announced, ”I’m sorry, everyone, for keeping you here so long tonight. As my apology, I shall give you 1 hour more play time for the rest of the week!”

All of the kids trapped in the hall, threw their jumpers and cardigans high into the air as if they had just graduated from university.

“Hurrah!” All of the kids cried with happiness. All of the children collected their coats and bags and returned to their worried parents who asked: “WHERE HAS ZU BEEN” They could barely speak they were so overjoyed.

The children told their parents what had really happened but their parents didn’t believe them, not until the letter came out about the incident, which really proved it to the 480 parents or guardians of the school pupils. Almost 5% of the School Mum’s were super close to having a heart attack they were so surprised!

The rest of term 1 at RJS carried happy memories that would stay in their hearts for the rest of the pupil’s days.

The End!

By Bessie 5p.


Blog Club is held on a Monday evening and is a group of about 20 pupils from Riverview Junior School who choose their own content and with the help of the teachers, create blog posts for you to read.

4 thoughts on “Riverview ROCKS! (maybe) – a short story by Bessie 5P

  1. Bessie, the maker of riverview ROCKS says:

    Thanks miss Towell for such a lovely reply to my blogpost! And of course, thanks Sarah for reading it!!! ^_^ 🙂

  2. Sarah 5P says:

    I loved your story I think it’s great I will read it every day

  3. Claire Towell says:

    Wow what a great story. I throughly enjoyed reading this short story, especially to hear that I was a key character helping others in your story.

    Thank you for your hard efforts, I look forward to reading more of your short stories.

    Well done,

    Miss Towell

    1. Alice Weekes 5P says:

      Thank you Miss Towell for such a lovely reply, i will try to make another short story after my RGT blog post.

      Thank you,

      PS: It might come up as Alice but it is just me [bessie] being lazy and using Alice’s computer because it is the closest!

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